Maximizing Your Time

RCM Can Help Your Find A House For Sale

Be Pre-Approved for a Loan

Are you looking for a new house for sale? Unless you just won the lottery, you will likely be financing your new home. Before you do anything else, get pre-approved for a bank loan. Imagine finding the house of your dreams, but not already being pre-approved. All the seller really wants to do is move their house for sale. So while you’re waiting on the sometimes lengthy pre-approval process, someone else could easily swoop in, and make a bid on YOUR dream house! But you can’t do anything about it, because you didn’t do the very first thing you should do before looking at a house for sale, you neglected to get pre-approved for a loan! And you might very well miss out on your perfect home.

Pre-Assess your Housing Desires

This might seem like an adolescent exercise, but we assure you, this can really keep your house for sale search on-track! Perhaps location is most important to you. Put it at the top of the list. Maybe it is square footage, or number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or a finished basement, or whatever other possible factors are most important to you. Remember, there’s not just one house for sale out in the market, it’s a sea of potential houses! Be honest, but prioritize your desires. That way you are surer to get the things you really want in a new house for sale. And if you happen to have a family; well you should definitely include their desires on the “dream-list” as well.

Don't become enamored too quickly

It’s not necessarily negative to envision yourself, your furniture, your belongings, your family, or your dog in a new prospective house for sale. But chances are, if it seems too good to be true, it really might be. Don’t dull the rest of your search by falling in love with a house that you KNOW is out of your price range, or doesn’t match your assessed needs and wants.

Find Property

Maximize Your Time

Here are some helpful tips on how to maxamize your time when finding your dream home.

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Finding Your Perfect Home

The team at RCM understands that finding the “perfect” home can be a daunting task.

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Steps to Ownership

These simple steps can really help turn you from “buying a home” to “living your dreams”.

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Don’t be so slow to….walk away

Some people can haggle over prices with no problem. Some people actually enjoy it. But for some people, it’s a stressful situation. Both parties, the buyer and seller, are trying to get the best possible deal they can out of this very large financial transaction. If the seller is stubborn, and won’t listen to reasonable negotiation offers, simply move along. It may just not be meant to be. Or the seller might eventually see the great offer that walked away from them, and attempt to reinstate negotiations.

Look around for the Best Lenders

When you choose to work with RCM, our agents can grant you with lists of ideal financiers. Remember, a great rate isn't the only egg in this basket. Competent loan officers can ensure your time-sensitive documents get where they need to be, when they need to be there. Utilizing a loan office that is willing to use electronic signatures can really expedite and streamline the tedious paperwork process.

Maybe it’s Just a Bad Market

Most sellers dream of a “Seller’s Market” when trying to move their house for sale. But this could be a buyer’s worst nightmare. The housing market can move relatively quickly, but generally changes occur over long periods of time. In situations like this, you have to set your sights on relative value.

RCM National Realty is an exclusive and boutique real estate company dedicated to helping each client customize their buying or selling experience to best fit their families’ schedule and housing needs. With our diverse group of agents it is easy to find a qualified agent that understands the market you are interested in. Let RCM National Realty open the doors to your real estate dreams!