Finding the Perfect Property

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Finding YOUR Perfect Home

The team at RCM understands that finding the “perfect” home can be a daunting task. There are so many choices and options available, not to mention a swirling cocktail of emotions regarding the circumstances of your decision to buy a house and move to a new neighborhood. Here are some practical steps to help narrow down your options.

Observe the Local Schools

Besides obvious issues like education (if you have children), you will really want to study the school district before you close on a house. Right now you’re purchasing a home, but one day, you may be selling it. Quality school districts can add $10,000, $20,000, or even up to $75,000 dollars to the value of your home. Always aim for a school district that seems to be on the rise!

Observe the Property at Different Times of Day

Pay special attention to what time of day your realtor wants to meet you at the property. Return to the home at a couple of different times of day to see how the neighborhood evolves. Factors like traffic, and more importantly, foot traffic, can really change throughout the day. When the neighbors come home, your dream house could turn into a nightmare if you failed to visit the property at different intervals. Don’t move next door to a midnight train schedule because you only saw the house at 10 a.m.

Is there Ample Storage Space?

Sure, the three-tiered cherub fountain in the front yard is impressive, but it will lose its luster pretty quickly if you have nowhere to store your old photo albums! Storage space is a vastly underrated part of the home-buying process. You may not be a “hoarder,” but chances are that you have extra stuff, and you’ll need somewhere to store it!

Disregard the Paint Job

Sellers usually have a cheap, all-encompassing paint job done on the property they are trying to sell. If you’re buying a house, don’t let the paint job cover up any flaws. Feel the walls. Is the texture consistent? Does it feel even? If you don’t look past the paint job, you may not be buying a house – you could end up buying a house of cards!

You Can Get a Home Inspection Too!

A professional home inspection will save you time, frustration, and money in the long-term! Home inspectors are trained, highly qualified individuals who look intensely over every possible aspect of your future home. They are required by law to be thorough and impartial, and to provide an in-depth report. These inspectors are even trained to spot things that, if left untreated, might become a problem. If you are buying a house, we urge you to have your prospective home inspected.

Use An Experienced And Knowledgeable Agent From RCM

If you are buying a house, the highly experienced agents at RCM can help you resolve any potential headaches with your prospective home. These tips can save you time, money, frustration, and in extreme cases, even your life!

Before buying a house, check for the following:

  • Past or present mold issues
  • Past or present lead-based paint
  • Past, present, or future issues with the home’s foundation
  • Past, present, or ongoing issues with insects, or their eggs

Buying a House

Before you close on a house, determine whether there are other properties for sale in the area. If there are, you may want to consider investigating why that is. If the reasons are financial, meaning that these homes are foreclosures, then you may still want to consider buying a house in that neighborhood. But perhaps this mass exodus is the result of questionable neighbors, or unbearable traffic patterns – meaning too much “thru-traffic” in the neighborhood. Maybe the issues have to do with poor or negligent construction, and if all the homes in the area were built by the same contractor, you may want to reconsider buying a house there.

RCM National Realty is an exclusive boutique real estate company. Our mission is to help clients customize their buying or selling experience to best fit their families’ schedule and housing needs. With our diverse group of agents, it is easy to find a qualified professional who understands your market of choice. Let RCM National Realty open the doors to your real estate dreams!

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